Why does this app deserve a Happy Face? Licking Letters - Tenlin Studios, LLC

lickinglettersLicking Letters is an app that will introduce your child to the alphabets and spelling words with them. The app is simple enough that will not need a rocket-scientist to figure out. Most of all, the fun factor is enough to keep your children learning and entertained at the same time. Licking Letters has a couple of characters, there is Hoppy, the main character and then there is the alligator. Your objective is to control Hoppy by tapping him and he will stick his tongue to touch the letters and if it is correct, it will float into the correct space above. As for the alligator, it is not really the bad guy; you just have to get the coins before it does in the bonus stages. Here is where Leapin’ Loot comes in; with it, you can dress up Hoppy in different funny costumes by using it to make trades for different article of clothing inside the app. Unlike in-app purchases, this is a little extra fun that lets your child express some of their creative skills.

With the excitement of dressing up Hoppy in fun costumes and learning how to spell at the same time, this is surely an app worth getting for your child. Licking Letters by Tenlin Studios LLC.

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Why does this app deserve a Happy Face? ArtikPix - RinnApps

artikpixArtikpix is an app that has multiple games packed into one. It teaches children speech by giving them a chance to practice with a combination of sounds and words. The app comes with a preloaded set of ‘th’ sound flashcards which you can practice from. Also to the preloaded flashcards, you can make purchase of 21 different additional flashcards so your children can further their learning. You can learn words from a series of flashcards or you can match words that are pronounced to you. Both are very helpful which will enrich your children’s learning.

What is great about this app is you can record your own voice saying the words so your children can hear a familiar voice teaching them. It also has a feature to keep track of your children’s accomplishments so you can know how they are progressing. It would be a great learning app for any parents to have.

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Why does this app deserve a Happy Face?  Tilly's petting farm HD - Shoto

Teacher Tillys Petting FarmTeacher Tilly’s Petting Farm offers a nice approach to teaching children words and vocabulary through an interactive learning app. The Petting farm theme is sure to please the little ones. This app is a story app and educational app rolled into one. The concept uses four petting farm scenes to teach children the vocabulary of animals and objects found throughout the farm. The animals and objects throughout the various scenes are all interactive and offer nice animated effects and audio when touched.

The interactivity of the app is quite simple and easy which is appropriate for the target age group. We tested this app with a three and a half year old toddler and this seemed to be an ideal age for this app. Not too easy and not too difficult either. The main menu has four scene choices. Once a scene is chosen, there are two modes of play available. One is a selection mode which teaches children the vocabulary words and the second is a series of questions which the child has to listen to and answer. The questions are based off of the first vocabulary building exercise.

Another nice feature is the menu access. In order to access the main menu or change playing modes, you need to slide a tractor icon to unlock the access. This is nice if you don’t want your child to wander away from the app by pressing buttons. It keeps the child’s attention on the screen and doesn’t allow them to be distracted with other buttons and features.

This app is Happy Face approved because it focuses on teaching new words and building vocabulary. It’s a great app to have as part of your child’s educational toolbox. The theme is fun and the illustrations are nice. If your child has trouble answering any of the questions a help indicator automatically engages to assist to make sure the child doesn’t get frustrated. We tested this app on the iPad, but an iPhone version is also available.

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iWriteWords by gdiplus

On June 15, 2011, in Counting, Early Learning, Educational Apps, Letters, Numbers, by Happy Face apps

Why does this app deserve a Happy Face?  iWriteWords (Handwriting Game) - gdiplus

iWriteWordsiWriteWords is an app that will pronounce and lets you practice writing each alphabet and number. By taking advantage of the drawing capability of the iPad and iPhone, now your child can learn how to write the ABCs and 123s on this new educational app. By using a tracing method, your child can learn the fundamentals of 123 and be able to practice how to write alphabets and numbers. Help Mr. Crab gather the numbers in order and draw those alphabets and numbers.

The alphabet song was my favorite part of this app because it instantly brought back childhood memories. The difference now is instead of tapping really quickly, I can pace my taps and create a different version of the song. It is really cool. It will entertain your child for a long time.

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Why does this app deserve a Happy Face?  Alphabet Car HD - Dream Cortex

Alphabet Bar by Baby CortexAlphabet Car is a game and a learning app in one. It takes the fun of a game and combined it with the educational values that a parent looks for. The fun aspect will keep your child entertained for a long time and at the same time, help your child learn new vocabularies. It is a fun and simple effective way to let your child learn new words.

There are different levels for your child to master; each level will determine how many words they need to spell. Learning the ABC’s will be fun for your child.

By Baby Cortex, they offer a variety of learning apps which will help your child grow.

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