Why does this app deserve a Happy Face? Doodle Darlings Ditties - Doodle Darlings

Doodle Darlings is an educational app that has a fun and interactive interface that anyone can enjoy. The music is whimsical, graphics are pleasingly charming and basically put; four apps in one. From starting up the app itself, you get a very playful and cheery music in the background which is very inviting. By simply clicking on the different characters, you can start enjoying the different learning games. There are 4 characters you can choose from; Laurie Lion, Honey Suckle Horse, Snap Dragon Dinosaur and Bramble Bunny. Each character has their own fun activity. With Laurie Lion; you get to draw, Honey Suckle Horse, you can tickle it to make it move and laugh, Snap Dragon Dinosaur; you can learn how to count and finally Bramble Bunny; you get to help find its carrot in different mazes. With all four activities, this will surely keep your child entertained.

As if the games themselves were not enough, there is a link on the app which lets you go to their website and own one, two, three or all four of the characters from the app. They are pretty cute. Doodle Darlings by Doodle Darlings.

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DoInk Animation & Drawing

On October 11, 2011, in Art, Colors, Educational Apps, Shapes, by HappyKid

Why does this app deserve a Happy Face? DoInk Animation & Drawing - DK Pictures, Inc.

DoInk Animation & Drawing is an app that reaches out beyond education. As being a part designer myself, I can find many uses for this outside of education; but that is a different story. Let me begin by stating the obvious, the fun aspect of creating animation; anyone can run wild with this part of the app. By simple drawing, you can play out a simple animation. So I will move backward just a bit here. When you start the app for the first time, simple read through the instructions and that will start you off. Upon finishing the instructions, the app itself will let you begin to have fun. The interface is easy to understand and by clicking on the tools you need, you will be able to draw, erase, scale, and paint. Maybe it is the designer in me, I love the undo button, I am almost tempted to press control Z. Your child can definitely take full advantage of all the features and create art to the wildest imagination.

I have always been fascinated by animation, with DoInk Animation & Drawing, your child can create simple and fun animation. All you have to do is draw and draw and draw then play it on your iPad. It is wonderful. DoInk Animation & Drawing by DoInk.

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