Why does this app deserve a Happy Face? Doodle Darlings Ditties - Doodle Darlings

Doodle Darlings is an educational app that has a fun and interactive interface that anyone can enjoy. The music is whimsical, graphics are pleasingly charming and basically put; four apps in one. From starting up the app itself, you get a very playful and cheery music in the background which is very inviting. By simply clicking on the different characters, you can start enjoying the different learning games. There are 4 characters you can choose from; Laurie Lion, Honey Suckle Horse, Snap Dragon Dinosaur and Bramble Bunny. Each character has their own fun activity. With Laurie Lion; you get to draw, Honey Suckle Horse, you can tickle it to make it move and laugh, Snap Dragon Dinosaur; you can learn how to count and finally Bramble Bunny; you get to help find its carrot in different mazes. With all four activities, this will surely keep your child entertained.

As if the games themselves were not enough, there is a link on the app which lets you go to their website and own one, two, three or all four of the characters from the app. They are pretty cute. Doodle Darlings by Doodle Darlings.

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Why does this app deserve a Happy Face? Lulu in Australia - ZANZIBOOK

Lulu in Australia is an adventure that let’s your imagination go wild with some learning thrown in. I personally love interaction within a story app; some might disagree. When it is all said and done, you as a parent want your child to learn and be entertained. What value would a story app has if you finish reading it and that is all. Of course, you want to go back with your child and discover the many possibilities that are in stored. I find all of the animations in this story app to be quite entertaining; especially having voice and music playing together in the background. Kudos to the Hip Hop Kangaroo song by Steve Blunt. This story app definitely has the right balance of fun and learning in my book. (no pun intended)

Lulu in Australia would be great adventure in addition to the ones you already have. Last but not least, the adventure leaves you wanting more and surely, I will be looking forward to what Zanzibook has to offer next. Lulu in Australia by Zanzibook.

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Three Little Pigs

On October 17, 2011, in Educational Apps, Music, Reading, Story Apps, by HappyKid

Why does this app deserve a Happy Face? Three Little Pigs - An Interactive Children's Story Book HD - TabTale LTD

Three Little Pigs is tale that has been done over and over again. Everyone knows the tale of the Three Little Pigs so it is hard to out do the next. To reach the next level of readers will need some ingenuity. I found that TabTales did a great job with the story. Each page has something for you to interact with; which I found to be a pleasant surprise. This app has features that are fun and to surely keep your kids entertained. I personally thought the ‘Tip’ feature is nice, when you click it, a bunch of hand icons will pop up on the page and let you know which part of the page can be animated. The narration is done well; even with sentences that rhyme. In addition to having a narrator, you can also do a recording for love ones.

Three Little Pigs would be a story app for your already growing collection or a great one to start with. Three Little Pigs by TabTale.

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Gus’ Little Coin

On October 13, 2011, in Art, Educational Apps, Foreign Language, Reading, Story Apps, by HappyKid

Why does this app deserve a Happy Face? Gus’ Little Coin - ZANZIBOOK

Gus Little Coin is a story app that teaches how life will work itself out. An impulse may cause regret in your life but eventually everything will turn back to normal. Also having imaginary friends is great for children to dream about the possibilities of what could be?

Gus Little Coin is about a boy and his favorite coin. With a little imagination, a coin goes on the advantage around world from one act of impulse. This story app is put together well by Zanzibook. With very well illustrated images, cute animations, a great narration, 4 original tracks and a good story to follow. This app has features such as allowing you to pause at any page you desire, changes from French or English, also subtitles for you to follow with. One feature I thought was nice which was the ‘Index’ button; it lets you go to any page of the story. This is a story that any child would enjoy. Let your child take the musical adventure with Gus Little Coin by Zanzibook.

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Toca Doctor HD

On October 12, 2011, in Art, Early Learning, Educational Apps, Game Apps, Science, by HappyKid

Why does this app deserve a Happy Face? Toca Doctor HD - Toca Boca

Toca Doctor HD is a fun app that introduces your kids to an experience that they might find scary in reality but fun and engaging on the iPad. Getting hurt and seeing a doctor are two things which kids probably despise. However, with Toca Doctor, it actually turns it into a very fun experience. Both the animations and background music are whimsical; cute. It will surely not scare away your children; it is definitely pain free. The interaction is great; it also lets you take advantage of the gyroscope on your iPad or iPhone in a few of the fun activities.

It is definitely fun and surely has an educational value. You will find this to be amusing and might even see a different side of your kids when they need to pay the doctor a visit next time. Great reward value points if you ask me. Toca Doctor HD by Toca Boca.

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